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 GED Listed below are several websites where you can read sample questions from the GED® test in all areas. If you need further assistance in your preparation for the GED® test, come into the office, or call for an appointment. 

GED Test Practice Question - Help your GED® Exam Score with free GED® Test preparation Materials - Free, Practice GED® Exam

Contemporary GED Satellites Internet-based Supplemental Study Center - supplemental information and tools for students and instructors who are using Contemporary's GED® Satellites. Exercises and lessons. If you can't solve a problem, you're told which lesson to review. Good online practice in all the testing areas Lots of interactive tasks in reading, writing, math, vocabulary, and general learning. Five free learning modules, 10 practice tests, 30 activities quizzes The GED® Connection Daily Grammar sends e-mail messages with a grammar lesson five days of the week and a quiz on the sixth day. A Word A Day: Teaches a new word each day

Amby's GED Prep
This site helps users prepare for the GED® test by learning how to take tests, and learning more about the specific subjects that will be tested.
Cost: Free
Format: Online (self-paced)
Courses: Test-Taking Skills, GED® Test Prep, Grammar, Writing Timed Essays, Basic Math, Science, Vocabulary, and many others
Comments: This is one of the best Web sites to begin figuring out the GED® test. Find many resources for more information.

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GED® Links - Math

The following sites contain information and exercises to practice and enhance your math skills as you prepare to take the GED® test.

  • A+ Math
    This site has plenty of activities and games to help beginning to intermediate math students improve their skills. Flash cards, concentration games, more.
  • AAA Math
    Designed for grades K-8, this comprehensive math resource contains hundreds of pages of basic math skills and randomly-created interactive practice activities.
  • Ask Dr. Math
    This is a huge resource of answers to math questions for elementary to college students. If you have a question not covered, you can ask Dr. Math!
  • Brain Bashers
    Includes an interesting collection of math, logic, and language puzzles, games, and illusions, seperated into easy, medium and hard categories.
  • Brain Teasers
    Brain Teasers presents a weekly word problem for 3 grade ranges; answers are given the following week. A section with past 'teasers' is also available.
    Have fun while practicing your math through lots of cool games, activities, and animated demonstrations. Includes coloring pages for young kids, and helpful sections for teachers and parents.
  • Education 4 Kids
    The math section of this site includes flashcards, math games and drills. Also includes sections which deal with time and money.
  • Escape from Knab
    You've won a one-way ticket to the Planet Knab, but once you're there, you find that it isn't what you thought it would be. Get a good job, make wise financial decisions, and save enough to pay for the next rocket ship to Earth, or you might just be stuck on Knab forever!
  • Figure This!
    Which shape holds the most popcorn? Can you combine the stamps to make $1.77? These are just a couple of the problems you can ponder in this attractively designed collection of real-world math challenges. Updated regularly; includes resources for parents.
  • The Fruit Game
    Can you be the one who takes the last pieces of fruit from the table? Play this tricky game and find out if you have what it takes to beat the computer! Be sure to read the instructions, and good luck! (You'll need it!)
  • Funbrain
    Math games for all ages. Games include Math Baseball, Power Football, Change Maker, Fresh Baked Fractions, Line Jumper, and Shape Surveyor.
  • HippoCampus
    HippoCampus offers multimedia lessons and course materials to help you with your instruction, homework and studies. You can browse multimedia lessons or complete courses, and find help with the topics covered in popular textbooks.
  • offers a lot for everyone. Students can find homework help, puzzles, online calculators, and more... teachers can take advantage of lesson plans, classroom resources, and career resources... there's even a section for parents with lots of helpful information.
  • Math Advantage
    Math activities and games for grades K-8. Some of the games require that you have the Shockwave plug-in.
  • Math Goodies
    Lessons and exercises for a variety of math subjects. Includes calculators, puzzles, and MathChat message boards where you can ask questions and share ideas.
  • Math in Daily Life
    Shows how math is used everyday through examples dealing with savings and credit, population growth, cooking, and other common situations.
  • Math Playground
    An action packed site to practice your math skills, play a logic game and have some fun.
    Includes over 1,000 math word problems for grades 1 through 6, plus instructions on how you can use numbers to do magic.
    This site contains the techniques, tips, and secrets used by master teachers!
  • Place Value Pirates
    Game to learn place values.
  • PlaneMath Activities
    Airplanes and flight are the subjects of this high-flying math site. Solve word problems, learn how kites stay up in the air, watch Shockwave animations to learn about people like Amelia Earhart, and even design your own airplane.
    In the mood for a fun collection of games that might just teach you something at the same time? Practice your math skills in games like Lemonade Larry and Batter's Up Baseball. Also includes age-specific games like checkers, connect the dots, matching, word and maze games.
  • The Resource Room
    The Resource Room offers free spirited, structured, multisensory learning. The math section contains helpful lessons, articles, and links.
  • Rick's Math Web
    Pre-kindergarden to high school students looking for a better understanding of math will find over 4,750 problems to help them improve their skills. Problems can be printed in worksheet form and tips and tricks are included for each area of study.
  • Teach R Kids Math
    Learn number basics, addition, subtraction, fractions, and much more with these interactive online math worksheets. Exercises are designed for preschoolthrough 3rd grade students.
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